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Scottish Terriers are a breed of dog best known for their distinctive profile, their fierce loyalty, and their die-hard spirit.

A Scottish Terrier, or Scottie, is a small but resilient terrier. Scotties are fast and have a muscular body, often appearing to be barrel chested. Its traditional grooming is shaggy-to-the-ground. The usual coat color ranges from dark gray to jet black. Scotties with 'Wheaten (straw to nearly white) coats sometimes occur, but should not be confused with the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier or West Highland White Terrier.
Averages 10 inches.
19 to 22 pounds (male); 18 to 21 (female).
They were originally bred in Scotland (their first name was the Aberdeen Terrier) in about the 1700s, but had achieved their final size and shape by 1890. Scotties are natural "diggers," like other terriers, whose name derives from the same root as "terre," French for "earth." Scotties were originally bred to hunt badgers in the Highlands of Scotland. They were also bred with strong tails so that their owners could pull them out of holes when they would dig after vermin and voles. Their nickname is "little diehard" from James Francis Edward Stuart, the King descended from the Scottish line.
Points of Interest
Famous Scotties

Barney and Miss Beazley, pets of the President of the United States, George W. Bush, and his family.

Fala, pet of F.D.R.

Meggie, another Scottie belonging to Roosevelt.

Jock from Disney's Lady and the Tramp

Digger MacTtavish Leslie Kuva's Scottish Terrier** from the movie "Oh such Vanity"

The dog mascot for Chum dog food is also a Scottish Terrier

A Scottie is also one of the playing pieces in the board game, Monopoly (game)
Special Talents
Hunting, tracking, watchdog, and performing tricks.