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Akita breed Info

The Akita or Akita Ken is a breed of large dog originating in Japan.
The breed stands 24 to 28 inches at the withers (60 to 71 cm). Females weigh anywhere from 70-110 pounds. Males are 85-130 pounds. Japanese Akitas come in only four colours: Red Fawn, Sesame (red fawn hairs with black tips) Brindle and White. All except white must have whitish hair on the sides of the muzzle, on the cheeks, the neck, chest, body and tail. The Pinto color is not accepted as a Japanese Akita color, but only as an American Akita color. In the U.S., however, some breeders still mix the original Japanese type with the heavier American type, which is larger, shorter in fur, and allows more colors. This is not the same Akita as the Japanese Akita. In fact, these two types are nowadays different breeds. Akitas are very strong but not wild.
The Akita's ancestors were dogs used by matagi for hunting. These dogs, usually called matagi inu, were not as large as modern Akita dogs.
Although the American Kennel Club has put the Akita in the Working Group, the Akita was historically used as a hound to run large game, such as bears, in the mountainous areas of Japan. Anyone who has had hounds will recognise that group's very laid back, easygoing temperament in this breed. Despite their enormous size, they are excellent house dogs. They require only a moderate amount of exercise. Akitas are known to be very quiet dogs, only barking "when there is something to bark about".

The two most outstanding characteristics of the Akita as a house pet are that they are very clean and that they are very easy to house break. Akitas have been descrEMBED as almost "cat-like," they are so clean and odorless. This may also be one of the reasons why they housebreak so easily. Most Akitas respond so well to housebreaking that they are trained in a matter of weeks, although it may take longer if other "slower learning" dogs are present.

As far as the family children are concerned, there are few worries. Akitas are devoted, patient friends and protectors of children. Akitas are typically very gentle with children, and it is said that Japanese mothers often left their children with only the Akitas to watch over and protect them. Remember, however, that young children should never be left unattended with a pet. When raised indoors with children, they can be excellent companions.

If left unattended in the backyard or in a kennel, they tend to develop "personality" problems and become very destructive to the yard, which is due to boredom. They are highly pack oriented, thus, isolating them from the pack (i.e., the owner) causes them great stress. Akitas tend to be stubborn and require a firm but loving education where "no" always means "no" and never "whatever".

While not aggressive to humans, Akitas have been known to attack, and sometimes kill, other dogs. Two males can easily get violent with each other if given the chance, which is why most breeders keep their studs separate. The same is true for females, although they tend to be more tolerant towards other females. The Akita is a dominant dog who expects other dogs to be submissive. If they fail to live up to the Akita's expectations, incidents can happen. The Akita is not a dangerous dog but their sociability with other dogs should be handled with caution. Akitas have a high and well-developed prey drive, particularly to small animals, including cats. An Akita is not likely to shower affection on someone that is not a member of his family or a close friend that he sees frequently, and can be extremely aloof.

The loyalty and devotion displayed by an Akita is phenomenal. The typical pet Akita will follow you from room to room, yet has the uncanny ability not to be underfoot. Your Akita lives his life as if his only purpose is to protect you and spend time with you.
Points of Interest
* Recent DNA analysis confirms that this is one of the most primitive breeds of dog.

* Lead singer of Disturbed, David Draiman, lives alone with his dog Lisa, a Japanese Akita.

* An Akita named Kato was a key part of the OJ Simpson trial. The dog was owned by murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson and left bloody pawprints at the scene of the crime.
Special Talents
Akitas enjoy hunting, tracking, guarding, police work, military work, and sledding.