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The breed is an animal of imposing stature. It has a large head, half of which is taken up by the nasal canal. It has strong jaws, with a scissors bite. The oval-shaped eyes are dark and lively. The ears are long and hanging while carried on the sides of the head. The tail is thickly furred, and it hangs down when the dog is at rest. The coat is completley white, and the hair can be as much as 4 inches (10 cm) long.
The height for males can be as much as 28 inches (70 cm), while females at the most are 26 inches (65 cm) in height.
The weight for males ranges 77 to 99 pounds and the weight for females is 66 to 88 pounds.
The dog is known for its hardy constitution, sturdy frame and shaggy white coat. Its frame is massive, and his temperament is naturally lively, watchful, undaunted and alert. The Cuvac is marvellous with children, yet with the Cuvac's stubborn, independent nature, proper training is a must as once they learn something, they never forget it. Their tremendous speed for their size and bulk is noteworthy and the Cuvac is a dog that requires adequate space and thus owners should have a good sized yard for exercise. These dogs thrive best in an environment of a large family, children and livestock to care for. Farms and ranches make the best homes. These dogs are natural animal guardians and children watchers - taking to this busy lifestyle with ease. They are gentle and loyal with their family and possessions. This handsome white livestock guard dog has diversified from slaying wolves or hunting big game to border patrol, search and rescue, to common, bourgeois house pet.