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About The Breed: Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier is a breed of dog, one of many terrier breeds. It is suited for hunting fox, birds, and badgers and for being kept as a pet. The Welsh Terrier originates from Wales and has existed since the 1800s. Its origins lie in the Old English Black and Tan terrier that existed in England as early as the 13th century. It also existed in Wales and it was that sort that finally was registered by The Kennel Club under the name Welsh Terrier. Until 1900, it was called the "Old English Terrier" or "Black and Tan Rough Haired Terrier". The breed has been recognised since 1886 and is more common than the Airedale Terrier or the Fox Terrier.

This breed is coloured black and tan. They can grow up to 39cm (15 in.) with a weight of 9 kg (20 lb).

The fur contains two layers, an undercoat that insulates and an abrasive fur on top that protects against dirt, rain, and wind. The colour is red-brown with black marks. White is allowed only as small marks on the front of the breast.
General Information
This breed is a so-called trimming breed; it has abrasive hair that has to be trimmed—not cut! However, it does not shed its fur as many other dog breeds do. This dog does not need constant bathing. The fur must be trimmed about every third month. A complete trimming takes three to four hours and the breeder should give tip about where the dog can get trimmed by a professional (in the correct way so that the fur is not destroyed).

The body of the Welsh Terrier is normal and healthy so that the physique is durable and lasting. There are no known defects related to the breed. A healthy Welsh Terrier lives about 15 years on average and stays active and alert up to a high age if it is well taken care of and healthy.

Famous Welsh Terriers
Charlie, pet of John F. Kennedy
14 to 15 1/2 inches.
The Welsh Terrier is a consummate terrier—a terrier in a nutshell—with a typical terrier temper.In the right hands, it is a happy, lively, and seldom shy or timid dog. Dogs of this breed can be devoted and obedient friends and can function either as city dogs or as country dogs. Some Welshies exhibit a typical hunting instinct. A Welsh Terrier does not demand lots of physical exercise, but it hardly ever becomes tired and is a true comrade for the one who likes open-air activities. It is active and intrepid and not eager to fight, although it will hold its own when necessary. The Welshie needs a lot of intellectual stimulation to stay agreeable. A small yard to walk all day long, without any other activities, is not enough. These dogs need interesting things to do each day.

Welsh Terriers get along well with children; they love to play and to follow a child as it plays. These terriers love playing with children, but sometimes the child gets tired before the dog, so adult supervision is required to prevent misunderstandings.
Talents and Skills
Hunting, tracking, watchdog, agility, and performing tricks.

Welcoming a Welsh Terrier

Please spay or neuter your pet! There are already too many homeless, abused and neglected animals in the world.

Welcoming your first Welsh Terrier can be overwhelming and PetsUnlimited.com is here to help. We've got Welsh Terrier breed backgrounds to help you make an educated decision as to whether a Welsh Terrier is right for you and your family. There are thousands of homeless pets that need your help, so consider adopting a pet that needs a loving home. If you choose to go through a breeder, the responsible Welsh Terrier breeder will always have the best interest of the Welsh Terrier in mind. This means they should give you the opportunity to visit their home and meet the Welsh Terrier in person, as well as take back the Welsh Terrier should you not be able to provide the level of care needed. ATTENTION: Be informed! Internet fraud is very real and rising every day. Be cautious and ask questions, ask to see pictures with the seller or adoption agency doing something you ask them to do, and never ever send cash or a money order. If something does not feel right, it probably isn't. Use the report this listing function to notify us of a potential problem with a user. Use the review feature to leave a review. Community policing is the best way to help deter scammers, puppy mills, and those who do not have the animals best interest in mind. Please spay or neuter your pet! There are already too many homeless, abused and neglected animals in the world.

Welsh Terrier Breeders

Responsible breeding is something we all need to support. To help prevent Welsh Terrier puppy mills and the inhumane treatment of Welsh Terriers, there are a few simple things everyone can do on both sides of the transaction. If geography permits, meet in person where the Welsh Terriers was born and raised. This provides an opportunity for the Welsh Terrier breeder to demonstrate their standards. Remember, it is up to both the buyer and Welsh Terrier breeder to be comfortable with each other to ensure that the Welsh Terrier has been treated properly and will have a safe and secure home in the future.

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