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Posted 5/19/2011 at 10:18 PM EST

Best Pet Rx are experts at helping pet owners with custom compounded medications. We are a PCCA certified exclusive veterinary compounding pharmacy.

There are many pharmacies to choose from, with many of them being hybrid pharmacies (people and pets), it is important to check and see if they practice exclusively veterinary compounding, there is a difference.

We can formulate virtually any medication into a formulation that is easier for your pet to take. We pride ourselves on helping our customers with their custom compounding needs, including difficult to find medications and individualized custom therapies. We are routinely contacted by veterinarians or have their clients referred to us, to help formulate custom medications for their practices and clients.

With custom compounded medications, we can make medications more palatable to your pet or easier to administer, leading to greater therapy compliance, pet satisfaction and potentially better treatment outcomes. We can also create combination therapies, making it easier to administer multiple medications to your pet. We also have the ability to compound difficult to locate or backordered medications as well!

We also have the ability to reverse design medications by working with your veterinarian and discussing your pets condition and compare that to our database of over 20,000 custom compounding formulas to find the right formula for your pet.

We are also able to custom compound oncology medications and sterile formulations at standards that far exceed those required in animal health.

Some of the items that we routinely compound in a wide range of pet friendly flavors are:

- Flavored Medication Chews

- Transdermal Gels & Patches

- Micro-Tablet formulations, reduce the capsule or tablet size for most medications

- New!! Sof-Chew, smallest soft premium medicated pet chew, not a pill pocket, but your pet's medication integrated into a custom formulated treat.

- Dosing formats for hard to pill animals, small animals and exotic animals.

- Micro-Melts (Rapid Dissolve Tablets)

- Flavored Oral Pastes and Solutions

- Oncology Medications with Home Infusion Pumps

- Sterile Eye Drops and Eye Ointments

- Hard to locate and backordered medications

- Creams, Ointments and Lotions

- Combination Medications

- Suppositories

- Stabilized Solutions

Call us and speak with a compounding specialist and see what Best Pet Rx can do for you and how fast we can deliver!

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  • 1751 2nd Avenue
    New York, NY 10128
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