Lauradale's Siberians

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  • Laura Pyle
  • 814-445-7717

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Our References

Recently, we adopted a female Siberian from Laura and her family. At first, we were concerned because we live in ...read on...

Frequently Asked Questions

We DO NOT breed to have blue eyed Siberians, as many breeders do. We breed to have a few litters a year of QUALITY ...read on...

Siberian Husky Information

About the BreedBefore adopting a Siberian Husky puppy, please watch the videos in the links below.  They will ...read on...

Bio Senser

For a while now I have been researching and learning more about the Bio Sensor Program. We have incorporated these ...read on...

About Lauradales Siberians

How We StartedIn 1994, a gorgeous black & white Siberian came to live with us. My sister, Crystal, had bought ...read on...

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