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Chow Chow puppies available to their new homes by May 11,2013 they will be 8 wks old at that time. We sell them for $1200.00 each. They are show potential. The Sire has his National and International Title. Sire and Dame are both red. We own both. she has a cute face. Wait till you see these pups.These pups were bred for heavy bone and full beautiful coat, proper heads, nose, muzzle, good ear placement, etc. Were trying to get those perfect puppies. We socialize alot! We love them until you can. Were working on potty training right now. We only have a couple females left. Our deposit is $200.00 by paypal for your assurance.


 We will ship them in the US for cost only no extra handling fee. We have refferrals from other litters.

Mission Statement

We love ours Chows and we want to breed top quality dogs with the best health records and loving tempermants. We only want them in homes that can care properly for them.

About The Breed: Chow Chow

The Chow is a unique type of dog, thought to be one of the oldest recognizable breeds. A bas-relief from 150 BC (during the Han Dynasty) includes a hunting dog similar in appearance to the Chow. Recent DNA analysis confirms that this is one of the oldest breeds of dog that probably originated in Siberia or Mongolia, used as temple guards.[1] Later Chow Chows were bred as a general-purpose working dog for herding, hunting and guarding. Chows are also known to be one of the many dogs in China fattened up and eaten by peasants living in sparse, rural lands.
Chow Chow, or Chow, is a breed of dog originating from China, where it is referred to as Songshi Quan (??? Pinyin: songshi quan), which literally means "puffy-lion dog." The breed has also been called the Tang Quan, "Dog of the Tang Empire."

The Chow is a stocky dog with broad skull and small, rounded ears. The breed has a very dense coat that is either smooth or rough. The fur is particularly thick around the neck, giving the distinctive ruff or mane. The coat may be one of several colors including reddish-brown (described as "red"), black, blue, cinnamon, and cream. Not all these color varieties are recognized as valid in all countries. Individuals with patchy or multicolored coats are considered to be outside the breed standard. Chows are distinguished by their unusual blue-black/purple tongue and very straight hind legs, resulting in a rather stilted gait.
General Information
Like many heavy-set dogs, the Chow may be prone to hip dysplasia. They may also be susceptible to entropion, an eye irritation caused by an eyelid abnormality. Their average lifespan is about 15 years.

Arcanine and Growlithe, two Pokemon of the fire type resemble the Chow Chow with their fluffy tails that sit on their back.

In American Psycho, a novel by Bret Easton Ellis, serial killer Patrick Bateman buys a chow for his girlfriend, then subsequently drowns it.

In another novel by Bret Easton Ellis, Glamorama, one of the Victor Ward's girlfriends, Allison, owns two Chows named Mr. and Mrs. Chow. When Victor enters Allison's appartment without her there, the chows defend their territory and proceed to attack him.

Martha Stewart owns several chows, which are frequently seen on Martha's shows and public appearances.
Averages 20 inches.
While commonly kept as a companion dog, the Chow has a reputation for being a willful and independent breed that is sometimes difficult to train. They can be very aloof and wary of strangers. They often do not get along well with other dogs unless properly socialized. Chows are extremely loyal to their own family, though they may be less friendly to strangers.
Talents and Skills
Watchdog, and guarding.

Welcoming a Chow Chow

Chow Chow For Sale Information - Buying your first Chow Chow can be overwhelming and PetsUnlimited.com is here to help. We've got Chow Chow breed backgrounds to help you make an educated decision as to whether a Chow Chow is right for you and your family. The right Chow Chow breeder or seller will always have the best interest of the Chow Chow in mind. This means they should give you the opportunity to visit their home and meet the Chow Chow in person, as well as take back the Chow Chow should you not be able to provide the level of care needed. ATTENTION: Be informed! Internet fraud is very real and rising every day. Be cautious and ask questions, ask to see pictures with the seller or adoption agency doing something you ask them to do, and never ever send cash or a money order. If something does not feel right, it probably isn't. Use the report this listing function to notify us of a potential problem with a user. Use the review feature to leave a review. Community policing is the best way to help deter scammers and those who do not have the animals best interest in mind.

Chow Chow Breeders

Responsible breeding is something we all need to support. To help prevent Chow Chow puppy mills and the inhumane treatment of Chow Chows, there are a few simple things everyone can do on both sides of the transaction. If geography permits, meet in person where the Chow Chows was born and raised. This provides an opportunity for the Chow Chow breeder to demonstrate their standards. Remember, it is up to both the buyer and Chow Chow breeder to be comfortable with each other to ensure that the Chow Chow has been treated properly and will have a safe and secure home in the future.

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