Slovensky Cuvac Dog Club of America 1982

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  • Elisabeth Pisula
  • 2813440027

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Slovensky Cuvac Clubnews-

2012 is the 30th anniversary of the Slovensky Cuvac Dog Club of America!The 4th Slovensky Cuvac Championship ...read on...

Breeding the Slovensky Cuvac

Signs of HeatThe first sign of a female (Dam) coming "Into Season" is often swelling of the Vulva. This swelling ...read on...

F.C.I. Standard 142 Slovensky Cuvac

FCI-Standard N° 142  / 04. 06 .1996  / GBSLOVAKIAN CHUVACH(Slovenský Cuvac)TRANSLATION : Mrs. Chris ...read on...

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