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We have 2 new littters of puppies, blacks, brindles and wheatens.  Please Contact us if you are looking for a quality AKC puppy to add to your family.  We are a small family breeder of Scottish Terriers. We only have AKC registered dogs. We have been breeding Quality puppies to the AKC Standard for over 25 years. Our most important concern is a good match for both pup and client. Our puppies are raised in the home,and well-socialized,our goal is to have weel adjusted, healthy happy puppies that help improve the breed standard. We do not just breed as a "hobby",we are serious about our breedings.. Our dogs are genetically tested and examined by our vet prior to breeding.

Our heritage, along with our name is Scottish and so are our dogs.We are dedicated to breeding Scotties and Westies only.  Family members have had Scotties and Westies for many generations.Our puppies are born in our home, not in a cage, or outside in a kennel. They are played with and handled daily. We believe that these puppies grow up to be the type of pet you will love forever. They are socialized with children, (the grandkids love them), cats and other dogs. Our customers tell us they can tell these puppies have had a lot of attention and are well cared for. All puppies are checked several times by our vet and all puppies are up to date on their shots before leaving. All shot records are included, along with a puppy pack for starting out. We only breed our females once each year, as we believe healthy mom's have healthy pups. No visitors are allowed until the puppies have their first set of shots. We do everything in our power to make sure the puppy you receive is 100% healthy.  We have 3-4 litters a year. Excellent Pedigrees (available upon request). 

All adult dogs certified clear of vWD by Vet-Gen before they are bred. 1 year Genetic Guarantee.We do not advertise Full Registration available with every dog, as we know not every dog is suitable for the show ring, or for breeding, But nearly all dogs can be a wonderful companion. Please contact us for a reference that you may contact directly, we will supply you with references you can actually talk too. We do not  ask our client's to leave a reference for this purpose, we want you to contact them and ask them your questions. We have customers who have come to us for their second, third and even their fourth dog. That  tells you that  we have the type of puppy you want to bring into your home. Be careful of breeders who breed multiple different types of dogs. Puppy mills are everywhere, so please use care with whom you do business with. Please, even if you don't adopt from us, choose wisely. Ask lots of questions, ask for references, and contact those references..We have done everything we can  to keep our puppies affordable, while still being able to provide the best quality care.
You may find puppies for a lower price, but you won't find any that have better care or attention.
We can ship to all major US airports, weather permitting for a small additional cost..

Mission Statement

To provide healthy, quality pets at an affordable price for those who love Scotties

About The Breed: Scottish Terrier

They were originally bred in Scotland (their first name was the Aberdeen Terrier) in about the 1700s, but had achieved their final size and shape by 1890. Scotties are natural "diggers," like other terriers, whose name derives from the same root as "terre," French for "earth." Scotties were originally bred to hunt badgers in the Highlands of Scotland. They were also bred with strong tails so that their owners could pull them out of holes when they would dig after vermin and voles. Their nickname is "little diehard" from James Francis Edward Stuart, the King descended from the Scottish line.
Scottish Terriers are a breed of dog best known for their distinctive profile, their fierce loyalty, and their die-hard spirit.

A Scottish Terrier, or Scottie, is a small but resilient terrier. Scotties are fast and have a muscular body, often appearing to be barrel chested. Its traditional grooming is shaggy-to-the-ground. The usual coat color ranges from dark gray to jet black. Scotties with 'Wheaten (straw to nearly white) coats sometimes occur, but should not be confused with the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier or West Highland White Terrier.
General Information
Famous Scotties

Barney and Miss Beazley, pets of the President of the United States, George W. Bush, and his family.

Fala, pet of F.D.R.

Meggie, another Scottie belonging to Roosevelt.

Jock from Disney's Lady and the Tramp

Digger MacTtavish Leslie Kuva's Scottish Terrier** from the movie "Oh such Vanity"

The dog mascot for Chum dog food is also a Scottish Terrier

A Scottie is also one of the playing pieces in the board game, Monopoly (game)
Averages 10 inches.
Talents and Skills
Hunting, tracking, watchdog, and performing tricks.

Welcoming a Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier For Sale Information - Buying your first Scottish Terrier can be overwhelming and PetsUnlimited.com is here to help. We've got Scottish Terrier breed backgrounds to help you make an educated decision as to whether a Scottish Terrier is right for you and your family. The right Scottish Terrier breeder or seller will always have the best interest of the Scottish Terrier in mind. This means they should give you the opportunity to visit their home and meet the Scottish Terrier in person, as well as take back the Scottish Terrier should you not be able to provide the level of care needed. ATTENTION: Be informed! Internet fraud is very real and rising every day. Be cautious and ask questions, ask to see pictures with the seller or adoption agency doing something you ask them to do, and never ever send cash or a money order. If something does not feel right, it probably isn't. Use the report this listing function to notify us of a potential problem with a user. Use the review feature to leave a review. Community policing is the best way to help deter scammers and those who do not have the animals best interest in mind.

Scottish Terrier Breeders

Responsible breeding is something we all need to support. To help prevent Scottish Terrier puppy mills and the inhumane treatment of Scottish Terriers, there are a few simple things everyone can do on both sides of the transaction. If geography permits, meet in person where the Scottish Terriers was born and raised. This provides an opportunity for the Scottish Terrier breeder to demonstrate their standards. Remember, it is up to both the buyer and Scottish Terrier breeder to be comfortable with each other to ensure that the Scottish Terrier has been treated properly and will have a safe and secure home in the future.

Contact Information

  • Joni Gordon
  • 931-934-2228


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