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AKC registered Shih Tzu with champion bloodlines.  You can read the pedigrees under each dog or puppy on our website.
Pam and Luke Crump met and married in 2002.  Pam says she could tell Luke was a good man; he loved all four of her dogs living in her home, as well as the 6 puppies (soon placed) that were also in her home at that time.

When Pam retired from teaching, she began finding the very best Shih Tzu around the country for future showing and breeding.  Health, personality, conformity to AKC breed standards and variety in colors and sizes are the primary goals.

As a breeder, she now produces “typey” show-potential dogs with Champion pedigrees.  Colors include the parti colors (best for showing) as well as solids in black, red, gold, silver, brindle, and the dilute colors of blue, chocolate and liver.  And lately she even gets puppies with the "Dobie" marking
When our pets permit, we love to take in the Sunday Brunch at the Beachside Grill & Lounge in the Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort on the beach on Padre Island (about a 20 minute drive).
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Our current litter of Shih Tzus

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Inquire about TIGGER
TIGGER - View Details About This Shih Tzu
  • Status:  Available
  • Gender: Female
  • Price: $1,200.00
  • Date of Birth: 4/22/2013
  • Mother: TIRA mi TZu
  • Father: DOBIE GILLIS
More information: TIGGER IS A BEAUTIFUL GOLD BRINDLE.  SHE IS POTTY TRAINED FOR PADS AND DOGGIE DOOR.  Her personality is very playful and will sit on your lap as long as you will let her.  


AKC champion bloodline Shih Tzu stud service.

Mission Statement

It is our desire to produce the prettiest puppies available in the Shih Tzu breed.  Through this endeavor we strive to place those puppies with people who are discriminating buyers, looking to provide forever homes to our quality, healthy, beautiful and well socialized puppies.  AS OF 7/31/2013, we have 8 beautiful Shin Tzu puppies for sale.  CHECK THEM OUT ON AVAILABLE PUPPIES ON PAMCRUMP.COM

About The Breed: Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu was bred to sit around the palace of the Emperor of China and bark when people or animals approached. It is believed that this ornamental breed was created by breeding the Bei-jing gou (Pekingese) with a Tibetan dog breed, the Lhasa Apso. Recent DNA analysis confirms that this is one of the oldest breeds of dog. The Shih Tzu is also known as the Chinese Lion Dog or the Chrysanthemum Dog.
The Shih Tzu or Shih Tsu (??? pinyin: Shizi Gou, Wade-Giles: Shih-tzu Kou) is a breed of dog originating in Tibet. The spelling "Shih Tzu", most commonly used for the breed, is according to the Wade-Giles system of romanization. The Chinese pronunciation of this name is approximately like the "sher" of "sherbet" followed immediately by the "dds" of "adds". The meaning of the breed name was originally "lion dog" because this variety of dog was bred to resemble a miniature lion. It is now often called by a homonymic name, "xi shi quan" (???), based on the name of Xi Shi, regarded as the most beautiful woman of ancient China.

Shih Tzus are sturdy, friendly, lively, yet alert toy dogs. They have long flowing double coats. Shih Tzus have a variety of coat colors including black,brown, white, gray, tan, and gold spotted to a mix of several-colored hair. The Shih Tzu's hair can be styled in a short, summertime cut or a well-groomed long hair like that used for conformation shows. This breed's hair grows continuously. Because Shih Tzus have hair and not fur, they do not shed. It is one of several breeds suggested as a hypoallergenic pet.

The AKC Shih Tzu breed standard calls for the dog to have a short snout, large eyes, a slight underbite, and a tail that waves above its torso. The ideal Shih Tzu height at withers is 9 to 10 1/2 inches. The dog should stand no less than 8 inches nor more than 11 inches tall. The Shih Tzu should never be so high stationed as to appear leggy, nor so low stationed as to appear dumpy or squatty. The weight of mature dogs should be between 9 to 16 pounds. Regardless of size or gender, the Shih Tzu should always be solid and compact, and carry good weight and substance.
General Information
The Shih Tzu is easy to care for, but the area around the eyes should be cleaned gently each day. Most Shih Tzus enjoy exercising outdoors and, when exercised regularly, have plenty of stamina. Most enjoy a long walk, although they are also quite happy to run around the house. A dog whose coat is allowed to grow out needs daily brushing to avoid tangles; a short haircut avoids this extra level of care. However, these dogs do not tolerate cold temperatures well, so longer hair during the colder seasons is more appropriate. Shih Tzus are considered to be brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dogs. As such, they are very sensitive to high temperatures. This is why airlines that ship dogs will not accept them for shipment when temperatures at any point on the planned itinerary exceeds 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24°C).
8 to 11 inches.
James E. Mumford described the breed in an American Shih Tzu magazine, giving a picture of the versatile character of the Shih Tzu: "Nobody knows how the Ancient Eunuchs managed to mix together…And now here comes the recipe: A dash of lion, several teaspoons of rabbit, a couple of ounces of domestic cat, one part court jester, a dash of ballerina, a pinch of old man (Chinese), a bit of beggar, a tablespoon of monkey, one part baby seal, a dash of teddy bear and the rest dogs of Tibetan and Chinese origin."

The Shih Tzu is usually calm and gentle. They can, however, be playful and feisty at times. The breed typically makes a good children's pet. Shih Tzus are actually a bit light-headed at times and do not take severe punishment well. Of course, as with every animal, there are exceptions; you can find the occasional "guard dog" Shih Tzu or "Lazy Lucy" in a litter.

Although he is generally outgoing and friendly, the Shih Tzu definitely has an attitude that cries to be spoiled. If you need help in realizing this fact, the dog will steer you in the right direction with his self-assurance that he should be treated like a king. Indeed, his strong sense of self makes him a poor choice in a household with babies or small children. He is often jealous of babies and toddlers and may snap if bothered by rambunctious children. However, he is a fine companion for older children, particularly those who enjoy combing his hair.

Shih Tzu are active and alert, qualities that make them good watchdogs. However, poorly bred dogs of the breed can be excitable, noisy, and snappy.

Shih Tzu are intelligent, and can be trained for obedience competition and for good manners around the home. They can be stubborn, so persistence and consistency are definite plusses in training methods. Punishment makes this dog shut down, so training should also be low-key and motivational.
Talents and Skills

Welcoming a Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu For Sale Information - Buying your first Shih Tzu can be overwhelming and PetsUnlimited.com is here to help. We've got Shih Tzu breed backgrounds to help you make an educated decision as to whether a Shih Tzu is right for you and your family. The right Shih Tzu breeder or seller will always have the best interest of the Shih Tzu in mind. This means they should give you the opportunity to visit their home and meet the Shih Tzu in person, as well as take back the Shih Tzu should you not be able to provide the level of care needed. ATTENTION: Be informed! Internet fraud is very real and rising every day. Be cautious and ask questions, ask to see pictures with the seller or adoption agency doing something you ask them to do, and never ever send cash or a money order. If something does not feel right, it probably isn't. Use the report this listing function to notify us of a potential problem with a user. Use the review feature to leave a review. Community policing is the best way to help deter scammers and those who do not have the animals best interest in mind.

Shih Tzu Breeders

Responsible breeding is something we all need to support. To help prevent Shih Tzu puppy mills and the inhumane treatment of Shih Tzus, there are a few simple things everyone can do on both sides of the transaction. If geography permits, meet in person where the Shih Tzus was born and raised. This provides an opportunity for the Shih Tzu breeder to demonstrate their standards. Remember, it is up to both the buyer and Shih Tzu breeder to be comfortable with each other to ensure that the Shih Tzu has been treated properly and will have a safe and secure home in the future.

Contact Information

  • Pam Crump
  • 361 334-3326


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