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Quiet June

I am happy to report that all the puppies have found their forever families!We are looking forward to a quiet June ...read on...

Little Leo

And then there was one.  Little Leo is our last puppy looking for his forever family.  Leo is the ...read on...

Dandy and Leo

Dandy and Leo love to play chase!We have made a slight change to our 2 remaining puppies nicknames.Vervain is now ...read on...

new pics

As promised I have uploaded new pictures of the puppies and some of our other animal friends.  A storm front ...read on...


Harry went home today! We had lots of fun playing with Harry's new family.  Then Louie, Vervain and Chervil ...read on...


I am slowly getting the hang of this new site. Sunday the puppies will have another spa day and I will take new ...read on...

Chervil and Vervain

We are new to this site, and so far it is very hard to navigate.  So I am not sure if we will continue to use ...read on...

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