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Puppy (and kitty) love for Valentine's Day!

Posted by ginny denton on Friday Feb 15, 2008 9:57 AM

February 14, 2008 was a good day to be at the shelter!  I met all sorts of nice people looking for their special canine or feline someone.  It was busy yesterday - which is great!

I hadn't been able to get out to the shelter for over a week (usually I'm there 3 times a week or more), so first thing I did was walk around and say hi to all my pals.  In the kennels, I stopped to visit awhile with sweet boy Zack, a 1 year old chocolate pit bull.  I never met any pit bulls before I started to volunteer at the shelter and I must say that, like any animal, each individual's personality is unique.  Zack is sweet and shy and very calm. I always stop and say hi to him, I like to see his little tail wag.  I also said hello to another of my favorites, Jack the MinPin/Terrier mix.  He's 4 years old and such a little bundle of energy!  He's always glad to see EVERYONE.  Smile

Next I made my the kitty rounds, checking to see who was where, who'd been adopted, and to say hi to all the new little faces.  I cuddled my gal Squiggles for awhile; we walked around the room and over to the window so she could see all there was to see.  She's a lovely 14 year old lady who I know would fit right in at my house...like so many other shelter kitties I know!  I will do my best to see that she gets a good home.  Squiggles is front declawed and pat my arm and chin gently a few times with her soft little paws.  I don't know her story, why she's in the shelter at 14.  Sometimes I think it's better I don't find out - some stories are so sad.

I met a nice couple in Squiggles' room.  We talked about kitties.  I offered to take them out to the Cat Community Centers we have out back (picture 8-10 kitties in a room with plenty of kitty furniture to hop on and windows to peek out of!), so they could meet some kitties that I knew were good with other cats.  They made friends with Kiss, Fay and Violet in the first CCC.  Kissyface and Fay are both quite social and love to be petted, so they had a great time with the extra attention.  Both the lady and the gentleman bonded with Violet - she even came off her perch and rubbed against their legs for attention!  Miss Violet is typically quiet and shy, so this was a pleasant surprise.  Next, we headed out to the second CCC to meet the rest of the kitties.  This second CCC is home to some VERY friendly snugglebugs, including my favorites Fordson, Manal, Mad Max and Chuck.  I was in the middle of introducing everyone when the gentleman said "Honey!" We turned around to see Manal stepping off her perch beside the door, onto the gentleman's shoulder!  She is typically a quiet, friendly girl, but I've never seen her be this friendly to someone she's not seen before.  He picked her up and she snuggled comfortably, hanging her head and paws over his shoulder, kneading and purring.  She sat happily in his arms for at least 10 minutes before he handed over to his wife, where Manal sat for a few more minutes, then went back up to her perch.  For as long as we were all in the CCC, Manal was purring loudly (I could hear her all the way across the room!) and giving kisses.  "Do you think that's a sign?" the woman asked her husband. We all agreed we thought it was, and before they left the shelter, Manal was pending adoption.  HOORAY!  Cute little Mad Max also has a pending sign - double hooray!

Once I finished showing kitties, I went back out to the second CCC and played with the kitties.  Maximilian, Dodger, Knick Knack and Chuck are crazy for feather wand toys!  I even got Siesta to play - though she didn't want to play with anyone else! 

Seven o'clock and time to go home came MUCH too quickly - as it always does!

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